Enticed (The Fullerton Family Saga 1)

Sandy’s Review January 25, 2014
4 of 5 stars
Author: Ginger Voight


Rachel Dennehy had a crazy thought. If she could just start over somewhere else, she could forget about all the ghosts that chased her. When an email landed in her inbox, to tutor a difficult student whose father just happened to be a prominent businessman, the apple was a bit too enticing for Rachel to refuse. She moves to Beverly Hills, where she is tasked with turning around young Jonathan Fullerton’s bad attitude, one that stems directly from his parents’ ugly divorce and even uglier custody battle.

That Drew Fullerton is one of the handsomest and most eligible bachelors in the world means nothing to Rachel. Drew’s brother, Alex, however, assumes otherwise. This sets the two immediately at odds, though they both have young Jonathan’s best interest at heart. Unfortunately the more he tries to warn her away from Drew, the closer he ultimately propels her toward her charming boss.

Rachel stays solely to protect young Jonathan, trapping her into this sticky web despite her own history of loss and betrayal. How long will she last? More importantly, what will she be required to give to save these Fullerton men who continually tug her in three different directions?

The saga begins with the first book, titled “Enticed,” in a trilogy of three, full-length novels to be released over three months in early 2014.


Ginger Voight turns up the angst in this series with a hot triangle between two very different and very appealing brothers. Who will get their HEA? And which one will pay the ultimate price for love?

Those who can’t abide triangles, cheaters, cliffhangers or tragedies, are encouraged to proceed with caution.

WARNING: Adult content. Material intended for readers over 18.


This ARC was given to me for my honest review.

Talk about your family drama. This book as it all.

Rachel: A single school teacher from Texas who receives an email which she feels is to good to be true. The email is from Drew Fullerton, a prominent business man located in California He has made an offer that is pretty hard to refuse. He has offered her a teaching position, for his son Jonathan. She thinks this position is to good to be true so she brushes it off at first. Her friend Nancy continues to try to fix her up on dates with her friends. Finally Rachel gets sick of it and takes her spring vacation and heads to California to check out this new position.

Jonathan: I felt really bad for him because he his torn between his mother and his father. This is what happens with divorce. When Rachel enters the picture as his school teacher, he falls in love with her. He picks up on her teaching style right away. He completely makes a 180 in regards to his behavior. Rachel’s teaching style challenges him and he starts to grow attached to her before she knows if she has the job.

Drew: Divorced father of Jonathan, who has recommend Rachel come to California to be his sons personal tutor. Once he sees how she has changed his son for the better, in such a short period of time, he offers her the position.

Alex: Drews brother who thinks Rachel is a gold digger since she has accepted the position of Jonathan’s tutor. He tries everything possible to get her to go bak to Texas. He feels that Drew has hired her so Drew can continue to have sole custody of Jonathan. He is in her ear at every turn. He feels Jonathan should be with his mother. He feels the only reason why he hired Rachel was to get back at his ex-wife. He warns her that she doesn’t want to get involved with the Fullerton family chaos.

Elise: Drew’s ex-wife who lives with her tennis instructor boyfriend. She continues to seek custody of her son. Based on her actions, she gets 1 supervised visit per day. As the story unfolds, will she get full custody of her son?

I loved Rachel and Jonathan’s chemistry from the first time they met. Within the first week she didn’t want to leave him. She accepts the position and then all the family drama unfolds. Even with all the drama, she continues to stand her ground and always has Jonathan’s best interest at heart. She is a very strong individual even though she has a troubled past.

What is Drew’s motives for hiring Rachel? Is Alex being sincere when he feels Rachel is being used? How does all of this affect poor Jonathan?

I gave this book 4 stars. I couldn’t put the book down. I was always wondering what was going to happen next. I can’t wait to read book 2.

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Suited (St. Martin Family Drama 4)

Sandy’s Review January 18, 2014
5 of 5 stars
Author: Gina Watson


After eight years as a professional poker player, Cashel St. Martin needed a break. The endless glow and ceaseless action of Vegas had lost its luster and his interest. He missed his family and still wore the bracelet Isabela had woven for him all those years ago. In fact, he’d never taken it off. He was willing to give all of his success away for a chance to patch things up with the only woman he’d ever loved.

Isabela had thought of him every hour of everyday since he’d been gone. She’d loved him and she knew he’d loved her but he’d just left it all behind and never once looked back. Now he was back and wanted to pick up where they’d left off all those years ago. He must be insane. After all, this wasn’t Vegas. Relationships required trust, not luck. Hell, he’d been lucky she hadn’t punched him in his too handsome face


Another great hot and steamy book from Gina Watson. So far I have loved all of her books in this series. They start out great and continue to go strong throughout the whole book.

After eight years of being away from family and friends. He has finally come home. He has been welcomed with open arms by everyone, except Isabela. She’s the one who owns his heart. He’s willing to give up everything to have her back in his life.

Once Isabela and Cash are together sparks fly. She can’t resist him when he comes back to town. Can she trust him again. After all, he did just pick up and leave her eight years ago. Is she willing to put her heart out there again?

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