Shatter (St. Martin Family Saga #3)

Sandy’s Review December 29, 2013
5 of 5 stars
Author: Gina Watson

Logan St. Martin has secrets. For instance, why does he operate a brewery instead of putting his medical license to use? Why is he so unlike the rest of the St. Martin family? Mysteries aside, he is smart and successful in all that he endeavors and he has set his sights on Miss Jessica Hunter, a flame haired goddess who owns the Italian restaurant in town. A business merger is the next item on his agenda.

Jessica Hunter is on a mission. Her child needs a father, a responsible and disciplined man that will make a good role model for her son. Certainly not some irresponsible brute with shaggy hair and facial stubble whose wardrobe consists of flip-flops, cargo shorts, and screen-print T-shirts. However, while her son has need of a father, her body has needs that have gone unfulfilled for over five years and it seems a shame to waste the steamy bronzed hunk of man that is Logan St. Martin.

When their first encounter leads to an unexpected but explosive bout of steamy sex, Logan tells Jessie there’s absolutely nothing that can keep him from making her his, including the pits of hell. Too bad Jessie has no intention of following him on his way to eternal damnation


I am so glad this author contacted me to read her books, because I love each one of them. The St. Martin Brothers are HOT and they know how to please a woman. With these books, you don’t have to worry about all the fluff, the author gets right down to the nitty gritty. Thats how I like it!!

Logan first goes to college and medical school to become a pediatrician once he’s board certified, he leaves that behind to run his own brewery. He wants to expand his beer to other venues. He draws up a proposal to go visit Jessica Hunter at her restaurant. Once they see each other theres instant attraction. She’s been a single mom for 5 years and is looking for stability for herself and her son. She doesn’t think she can get that from Logan. Judging him by his flip flops and cargo shorts, she doesn’t feel he is very reliable.

Logan has always felt like an outsider from his family. He doesn’t have the St. Martin traits of brown hair and blue eyes. He has his own secrets, but he will find out something that will blow his mind.

Jessica wants a commitment, but Logan can’t predict the future. He lives in the moment.

I give this book 5 steamy stars. I can’t wait to read about the next St. Martin brother.

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