Shameless (St. Martin Family Saga 2)

Sandy’s review Dec 15, 13
5 of 5 stars
Author: Gina Watson

As Cory slaked his lust with yet another woman, he thought this one might be married, but he didn’t want to dwell too hard on that. Since he’d opened his vet practice in Whiskey Cove, women had thrown themselves at him and he’d given them what they wanted. He asked no questions, just pleased them and himself. And then she arrived, fresh-faced in cutoffs and a tank top, cradling her sick dog. He hadn’t cared what women thought about him, until now.

Brook saw Dr. Corrigan St. Martin emerge from the exam room straightening his necktie. And then she saw her landlord’s wife smoothing her clothes down as she followed behind him. Brook wondered if he’d known the woman was married. She’d heard the rumors about the vet, that he was shameless about his licentious behavior. But he was a devoted vet. And completely irresistible. Maybe there was more to the man than his reputation


So far I’m loving this series. Cory St. Martin has opened up a vet practice in Whisky Cove. Since that time, women have been falling at his feel. He gives the women what they want, but with no hassles or commitments. He doesn’t want a girlfriend, marriage and definitely not children.

Brook walks into Cory’s vet practice with her very sick dog that needs to be euthanized. Cory does what he can to help her out. He goes the extra mile and takes Brook and the dog to his land for a burial. Once they are finished they end up caught in a rain storm. They seek shelter and thats where it all begins. Cory tells her to follow her desires and not her brain. Does Brook follow her desires? If so, what kind of relationship could they possibly have? Is Cory capable of having a monogamous relationship?

You will be shocked by the ending.

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