Trusting My Master (A week with my Romanian #6)

Sandy’s review Dec 12, 13
4 of 5 stars
Author: Steffie Dawn

With only a couple of days left in Bucharest Ella knows that every second counts, but so does Master. Join the couple as Master finally reveals Ella’s surprise and she realises it might be something she simply cannot do and the return of Alexandru changes everything, whether it be for the better of the worst no one is sure.

For once, Master brings Ella to an equal status and drops his Dominance in order to talk to the young woman he cares for deeply but will what he says change what they are?


With each review, I have to say the same thing. It just keeps getting better and better. Master asks things of Ella, that she doesn’t think she could do. Is she willing to try? She knows she has her safe word. Again, the author was very creative with the scenes. Some of them I’ve never even heard of and I’ve read a lot of BDSM books. 1 more day with her Master. She is dreading tomorrow, and so am I.

By Between The Sheets Book Reviews Posted in Dark Erotica

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