Obeying My Master (A week with my Romanian #4)

Sandy’s review Dec 10, 13
4 of 5 stars
Author: Steffie Dawn


Ella’s journey came to an unexpected halt when she had a run in with Master’s brother Vladimir but now her decision has been made and her journey continues but was it the right one?

Continue with Ella on her Bucharest adventure as she rediscovers herself with Master’s patient guidance and follow her as she learns the true meaning of trust, at his hands. Her mind continues to create inner turmoil, she doubts herself and her decision continuously but in the end, she knows what she wants and knows what it will take from her for her to get it


At first I didn’t understand why Ella was being punished. I’m not really big on humiliation, but once they sat down and talked it out, I had a better understanding. As they spend more time with each other their connection becomes stronger. I’m starting to wonder whats going to happen after her 7 days are up. With each scene they get hotter and hotter. Every scene that is played out gets more creative. The books keep me wanting more, thats why I’m glad they are all out.

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