Learning to Live (Learning #1)

Sandy’s review Oct 11, 13
5 of 5 stars
Author: R.D. Cole


Being alive and living are not always the same.

Trudy Love is used to being on her own and has rarely been shown affection. Between growing up in foster care and her abusive boyfriend she has no idea what life can be. At 19 she goes through something no one should ever experience and is left alone once again. Six months later she moves to Mobile, Alabama where she meets someone whose eyes bring back memories of the one person she misses everyday. Too late she finds herself caught in a storm of emotions that are unwanted, but she’s determined to fight them off.

Jaxon Coleman has a good life, and for him to attend one of the finest Med schools in the country and follow in his dad’s foot steps is a dream come true. However, dreams can change in life and when he meets Trudy he knows his will never be the same. Jax knows she has secrets she is unwilling to share, but he’s never given up on something he wants and he wants Tru.

Can Trudy stop resisting her feelings and welcome the chance to live a different life than she pictured or will her defiance and haunted past eventually take her out of Jax’s reach?

After tragedy living is not easy, but with the right person it can be learned.


The thing I loved about this book was the fact that the author used both characters point of view. With each chapter we get to see the complete picture. We get to see what both are thinking and feeling with every turn of the page. The prologue of this book is very intense so it may be hard to read for some people, I would suggest 18 yrs or older. Once you get past what, Trudy goes through in those pages, you begin to see her new life begin as she picks up the pieces and moves to start her new life. What she has undergone is definitely tragic and it would be very difficult to open up to new people. When she gets to school, she meets her bathroom mate Jazz. Jazz becomes fast friends with Trudy. I loved Jazz’s character. She looks over Trudy, she gets her out there to meet new people. She’s very bouncy and full of energy. Jazz treats Trudy like a sister.

Jax bumps into Trudy on campus. He knows right away that she’s the girl for him. He takes his time pursuing her. Once he finds out his sister is friends with her, it makes it easier for him to get to know more about her. I loved Jax’s character because even though he comes from a family of money, he is not cocky, he’s very kind, generous and giving. He wants Trudy to have everything she wants. You’ll also meet Ashton the ex-girlfriend. I’ll let you make your own assumption about her.

You’ll meet some of Jax’s frat brothers. David is a womanizer, looking for a new woman wherever he goes, and mason is a computer geek who is shy in social situations.

You will also get to meet Jax and Jazz’s family. They are open, warm and loving.

This is a book that keeps you going with every turn of the page. I can’t wait for book 2 Jazz’s story. I give this book a 5 star rating because this author shows us that during your most difficult times and it seems that it can’t get any worse, you can learn to live again.

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