Remembering Love

Sandy’s review  Sept 18, 2013

Author:  Nadine Christian

Banyan Tree in Thomas Edison Garden at Fort Myers Florida USA
When all is lost, how do you remember love?

When her beloved foster parents pass away, Holly discovers a past both shocking and heartbreaking: the murder/suicide of her biological parents on the South Pacific island of Pitcairn, famous for the HMAV Bounty mutineers. Travelling to a home she does not remember, Holly reconnects with long-lost childhood friend Jack. An old friendship quickly becomes more…until a dark secret is uncovered.

Will joyous love remembered become heartbreak? Can she find out the truth before someone else is hurt?



I was given this book by the author for my honest review.

This book seem to have it all. Mystery, deception, sorrow, and with all that 2 people find love.

Holly comes back to the island 20 years after the tragedy of her parents death. She comes to try to find out the truth and to try to remember. Taken away at such a young age, she learned to find love with her foster parents. Once they pass away, she is determined to find out where she comes from.

I felt really sorry for Holly, for her to have to suffer such pain. She did have a shoulder to lean on and that was Jack, her childhood friend. Even when she got to the island, she had to endure the gossip around the island. Jack came into the picture right away to help Holly remember. Jack is such a sweetheart, I loved his character. There are some things that happen in the book that you will stop and stare and just say: “WOW..I didn’t see that coming.”

Masie took care of Jacks father because he was ill. She has got nothing else better to do then to get into other peoples business. Again, after reading about Masie you will have another WOW moment.

In the end the book turns full circle and fits the title of the book. Overall I gave this book 4 stars and can’t wait to read more of her work in the future.

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