Triple Dog Dare

Sandy’s review Sep 2, 2013

Authors:  K.S. Brooks and Stephen Hise

Genre:  Comedy with Light Romance.

When wealthy champion dog breeder Stu Hockersmith presents prize pup Lord Louis to lovely Bianca Jameson, he hopes to win her heart. Things don’t always go as planned. Bianca, oblivious to Stu’s amorous intentions, takes the adorable pooch back to California where she goes on to become a celebrated author, writing books about little Lo-Lou.Bianca thinks she’s living the good life with her Norse god of a fiancé, former fashion photographer Lars Lundgren. When she realizes Lars has spent all their money and committed her to a new book with a looming deadline, Bianca pulls out all the stops to get the job done. But she doesn’t know about all of Lars’ deals.To make matters worse, Stu is informed that gifting Lord Louis broke the kennel club bylaws and he now must get the pup back before his father’s legal team takes action against the woman he still loves.Stu needs Lo-Lou to satisfy his father. Bianca needs Lo-Lou to finish her book. Lars needs Lo-Lou to work out a secret deal with a movie producer. Lo-Lou can’t be in three places at the same time. Or can he?


I was approached by the author and was asked for my honest review of this book. I was happy to do so, because they indicated that this was a romantic comedy. I had never read a romantic comedy before so I said I would be happy to do so. 2 weeks after agreeing to review the book they sent it to me. I looked at the title and cover and thought to myself “this is in no way a romantic book”. I was leery at first and I won’t lie to you, I didn’t think I was going to like it. Well I’ve learned my lesson. Never judge a book by the title or the cover. There wasn’t really any romance in this book, but their was a lot of comedy involved. Now, I’ve watched comedy on TV and have enjoyed, but again, I’ve never read one. This book by far, exceeded my expectations. There were some parts of the book that had me laughing out loud to the point I thought I was going to wake my family. Yes, sometimes I read very early in the morning when I can’t sleep.I’m going to say that the first few chapters start out slow because you have to lead up to the good stuff and understand the storyline. When I started those chapters, I was still kind of skeptical and was shaking my head thinking “my god, what have I gotten myself into” I’m like that will all books, just to be clear. I want the good stuff right off the bat.I loved Bianca’s Jameson’s character. She’s a writer of educational children’s books about her dog Lo-Lou. She’s not superficial and she is very trusting, especially when it comes to her money. Lars is the photographer for the books. He is very greedy, manipulative and self absorbed. He has everything in Bianca’s name and spends it all. You’ll see throughout the book that “what goes around comes around” Karma is a bitch.Now we have Terri. She originally was out to get a story on Bianca and Lars and not a very good one. She then runs into Bianca and thats where this gets funny. The two characters have great chemistry together. They made me laugh so hard. They travelled from place to place trying to get a book completed in 2 weeks. I loved them together throughout the whole book.Stewart Hockersmith and his family are members of the Oakwood Hills Kennel Club. Throughout the book you will see Mr. Gerald Wingate try to get Stewart kicked out of the club. He’s obsessed with ruining his career.Then of course you have the 3 dogs, Lord Louis, Lord Robert and Trouble. I loved all three dogs. They each were unique in their own way and they have their own personality. You can only imagine what king of trouble, Trouble gets into, but I won’t spoil that for you.I’ll state again that I really enjoyed reading this book and I give it 4 stars. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

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