Upon Your Return

Fara Bellamont has been back in society for a year after leaving Cluny Abbey, where her uncle sent her long ago. When he chooses a suitor for her for marriage, she fears that she will be forced to marry a stranger and live a miserable life.

But, Fara finds herself thrust into an adventure of a lifetime when unforeseen circumstances cause her to place her trust in a strange man for protection. His intervention not only saves her, but puts her in an even more compromising position.

Grant Hill, a trading captain, is enchanted by the young heiress not only because of her beauty, but because she is hardly conventional. Underneath her ladylike exterior lies a tigress. Grant cannot help but offer his protection as she is in need and he is far from immune from her charms.

Fara just never bargained on the passion that she feels for Grant Hill. As events unfold, she must decide whether her desires and the dictates of her heart should trump the rules of society in this exciting tale


This book is a historical romance set during the 1800’s in France. I’m not really one who reads historical romance novels, but I did enjoy this one. Some of the words I didn’t understand, because they were in french, but that didn’t take away from the book. I loved the history of this book. I could really see the beautiful dresses, the horse driven carriages, and how big of an event the opera was.All Fara wants is to find love, but society dictates otherwise. During that time, women didn’t get to make their own choices, but Fara was bound and determined to make her own. She has a brain and definitely wants to use it. That was rather difficult while living with her uncle since he was so strict. She was afraid that she would have to marry without love. Her uncle is bound and determined to find her a suitable husband.I liked Fara’s character because she has a mind of her own and she does not care what society dictates. She is never disrespectful to her uncle even though he’s not exactly the easiest person to live with.Then under unforeseen circumstances, she meets Grant Hill, who is the Captain on his ship. She starts feeling something she has never felt before. Society dictate she should not act on those feelings. Based on what has happened, he becomes her protector. After she learns more about him, her feelings for him do not change. Grant is not the person she thought he was.I liked Grants character because he is always honorable and treats Fara with respect. He never expects more from her. He never dictates to her about society. All he wants to do is protect her.

Fara is then forced to go live with her aunt Lina. Lina takes her in and shows her nothing but warmth and love. This is something that Fara has not felt since she was with her parents.

I really liked Lina’s character because she took Fara in and treated her as if she were her own daughter. Fara had been looking for this connection since she was a child.

This book was a great read and I look forward to reading future book from this author.”

Marvin’s Curse

Sandy’s Review Aug. 23, 2013

Author:  Debra J. Edwards


How would you handle the dead? After losing his dad, 17 year old Marvin finds he can see and talk to the dead, an inherited ‘gift’. Bonus, you might think, but Marvin hates it. It makes him different and he just wants to be ‘normal’. He meets Stella in the graveyard that backs onto the house he’s just moved into. ‘My name is Stella, Stella McCartney. It says so inside my trousers.’ (!?!)
A mysterious business card reveals that Stella has lost her memories and all signs point to Moghador, a gateway to hell where a pawnbroker holds the answers. And Stella is DEAD! She just doesn’t know it… yet


I really did enjoy this book since I do love the paranormal genre. This book was a little different for me because I’ve never read about ghosts or spirits. It was different for me therefore enjoyable since it took me outside the norm. If you want to get away from real life for awhile, this is a book to read.How does a 17 year old boy cope with the fact that he can see spirits? He feels its a curse that was handed down to him when his father died. His father tries to assure him its a gift, but Marvin feels otherwise. This is a gift that has been handed down from generations. The book doesn’t go into any detail on how their family got the curse/gift.His mum and step dad move into this house, and behind the house is a cemetery. He visits the graveyard and is surprised when he is not bombarded by spirits. There is 1 spirit, a girl named Stella. She has no memory of her life and she doesn’t know she is even dead. Marvin treads lightly when speaking with her. He normally doesn’t go out of his way to help spirits, but he feels differently towards Stella.

This story brings you to another realm to the gateway to hell to try and find Stella’s memories.

I loved how the book ends, but I won’t spoil it for you.

This book is good for YA who enjoy paranormal stories.

I give this book 4 stars and I look forward to reading future books from this author.

Whatever It Takes

Sandy’s review Aug 18, 2013

Author:  L. Maretta
Gavin Fitzgerald is the perfect husband. His wife, Emma, was always able to brag to her friends about how caring, loving, helpful, and successful he was. Having been married five years, they have just put the finishing touches on their dream home and are ready to start a family. Everything seems ideal until one day Gavin confesses to Emma that he was unfaithful, turning their entire relationship from perfect to a total disaster. Suddenly Emma’s carefully controlled world is chaotic and her future uncertain as she struggles to determine if she is able to forgive Gavin or have the strength to move on


I received a copy of the book from the author for my honest review of this book. I’m going to tell you that I absolutely without a doubt LOVED this book. This book is real life stuff that happens to people everywhere.

I know a good book when you can feel the characters emotions in a book. This book did that for me. I could feel the hurt and pain when times were tough and I could feel the love and joy when they were happy.

I love the 2 characters. Emma has OCD and always has to be in control of everything. Even when it comes to driving a car. She won’t go to sleep at night unless every last thing is put in its place. I love the fact that Gavin accepted all of her quirks. He even said it himself “we all have quirks” . He was there for her in times of need, i.e. anxiety attacks that she would have This part is near and dear to me because I suffer from anxiety attacks and my husband is my rock and he is there for me. This is exactly what I’m talking about, real life.

The author was able to capture a married couple who were in love and to know that mistakes can be made. Even huge mistakes. Its whether or not the couple will do whatever it takes to overcome the obstacles.

I give this book a 5 star rating and I look forward to reading more books from this author in the future.

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Fighting the Impossible

Sandy’s Review Aug 5, 2013

Author: Selina Bodur

Tara Whyley is young, beautiful and successful, and you would say that she has everything, everything but a heart. It is broken. The sadness is blanketing her soul and the fire is her eyes is long gone. This is a story of immense happiness and erodent grief, of love and darkness, passion and the power, hidden in each of us, it’s about finding the road back to life fighting the impossible.


This book was definitely an emotional ride. The author takes you on a journey of love and loss. How your whole life can change in the blink of an eye.

Tara meets Peter at her best friends wedding. Angry at first, but then he works his way into her heart. Claire is worried about Tara because she thinks Peter is a player. Well that was not the case at all. It was love at first site. I definitely can feel the emotions coming from Tara and thats what, for me, is what makes a good book.

I would definitely like to see more from this writer.

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Special Offers

Sandy’s Review:  Aug 5 2013

Author:  M.L. Ryan

Hailey Parrish is quick-witted, irreverent, and hasn’t had a date in three years. She only wanted an eBook reader because her collection of paperbacks threatened to take over her small living space. Little did she know that the “special offers” that prompted the purchase included much more than a reduced price in exchange for a few ads. The device came pre-loaded with the essence of Sebastian Kess, an erudite womanizer with magical abilities from a parallel dimension. When she inadvertently releases him and he inhabits her body, she finally has a man inside her, just not in the way she imagined. And soon her predicament introduces her to yet another supernatural, the handsome could-be-the-man-of-her-dreams Alex Sunderland. Can Alex and Hailey find a way to return Sebastian to his own body, stay one step ahead of the criminals who want to keep him where he is, and not lose their sense of humor?

I gave this book a 5 star review because I thought it was very unique and creative. I have never read a story quite like this one. I do love paranormal romance and have read my fare share of books, but nothing as creative as this story. The description of this book does not do it justice.Hailey is a great character who has a wonderful sense of humor. She has taken on this responsibility, freaked out at first until she meets Alex. Once Alex has explained everything to her, she is understanding and accepts her responsibility with ease. I loved Hailey”s interaction with Sebastian even though at the time, he is only a voice in her head.Hailey has a great group of friends who have been trying to get her to date since her divorce. They feel 3 years is enough.While Alex and Hailey work diligently to achieve their ultimate goal, they both feel an attraction for each other.

This book had mystery, action, suspense and romance all wrapped together.

Let me tell you this, you will not expect how this book will end.