His Dark Promise

Sandy’s review July 25, 2013

Genre: Erotic Romance
Author: KR Haynes


Publication Date: January 22, 2013
[Siren Classic: Erotic Classic Romance, HEA] Holly Shepherd is gearing up to leave New York for a yearlong transfer to the London office. So the last thing she needs is to indulge in her dark desires for her coworker Travis Kane. That won’t stop Travis. He is a persistent man, one who never gives up on what he wants, and what he desires most of all is her. One night he whispers his dark promise to her, that he will make her his in every conceivable way by the end of the night. Taking a gamble, Holly loses her tightly held inhibitions. Just once she wants to know what it would be like to spend one night in his arms and in his bed. What Holly didn’t expect, however, was that one night of unadulterated bliss to turn into many nights. Now days from leaving the country, Holly must make a choice. If she chooses incorrectly, however, she risks not only breaking her heart but his as well. ** A Siren Erotic Romance
Bravo to the author. This book was absolutely amazing. Loved it. I couldn’t put the book down.The story is about Holly and Travis. Holly has signed a contract stating that she will work in the London office for a year. Travis has constantly been pursuing Holly, and she continues to reject him. She thinks he’s a womanizer who has a different woman every night. One night at a work party she taunts and teases him on the dance floor. He comes up behind her and says. “You’ll be mine before the end of the night”Cliffhanger, HA, I’ll let you read the rest
By Between The Sheets Book Reviews Posted in Dark Erotica

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