The Promise

Sandy’s Review  July 25 2013

Author: Lauren Hunter

Unable to prevent his first love, the Lady Marianne, from being struck down by a carriage in a London street, Anthony Thornhill, heir to the Duke of Albourne, watches her die in his arms.Believing her lost to him forever, he tries to forget her through an endless line of ladies, his rakish ways leaving him empty and wanting. That is until he literally bumps into the Lady Elizabeth, his curiosity aroused. Drawn to her, because she reminds him of a loss he will never regain, he comes to realize she just may be the Lady Marianne, fulfilling a promise of a dance that never was. His only problem…she does not remember him.

Can he bring her memories forth, allowing her to see him as she did then? To know him once more and reclaim the love for him she once had? Or will she be lost to him forever?

This was a good regency book. It was set in the 1700’s in London. Anthony Thornhill, the Duke of Albourne witnesses the accident and death of his love Lady Marianne. The description of the book states “the Duke tries to forget his love through an endless line of ladies, his rakish ways leaving him empty and wanting.” This is not written into the story. I would have liked to see more of how the Duke was trying to handle the death of Marianne.Then the Duke meets Lady Elizabeth. He is intrigued, because she reminds him of his lost love. He tries to pursue her throughout the book. It was evident at first, but as the book goes on, it becomes clear that he has feelings for Lady Elizabeth.

Lady Elizabeth had suffered a great loss. I would have liked to have seen more of that written into the book. The flashbacks were few and far between and they were very subtle.

I feel that there could have been more to this book during the beginning and middle….the end however was a good one, but I won’t give it away.

I gave the book a 3 star. I overall did enjoy the book. The author did a wonderful job writing about the 1700’s, I could see it in my mind, hear it in the words which that comes from a good book.

I look forward to reading future work from this author.

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