The Key To Life

Sandy’s  review  July 13, 2013

Author:  Jessica Peterson


When Anna took on the daunting task of restoring her friend Matt to a state of happiness, she never expected to fall in love; and she certainly wouldn’t have guessed the object of her growing desire would be Matt’s father.

Nearly drowning in her listless work atmosphere, completely unaware of the real reason behind the Emerald Hotel’s decline, Anna innocently stumbles upon something that just might be the shred of hope everyone has been searching for. But when Anna runs to Matt, ready to relay the news, she’s met with a drunken declaration of his love for her.

Matt’s not only her good friend, he’s her boss, so to say Anna is caught completely off-guard would be like calling the moon pretty– it’s a bit far from the mark of reality. Knowing Matt is tottering between depression and sanity, Anna wishes she could fix everything by telling him she loves him back, but she just can’t. So she decides to search for someone who can.

Perhaps the solution lies with Matt’s father, Tom. Despite the fact everyone believes he is dead, after finding his old journal Anna has reason to believe otherwise. Embarking on a search through shark infested waters to a hellish island in the middle of nowhere, Anna discovers that the man she is looking for is indeed alive. A father’s love certainly isn’t the same as the love of a woman, but Anna hopes it will be enough to bring Matt back to himself and relieve her from the burden of guilt that’s been slowly smothering her.



I was going to give a summary of this book, but I didn’t want to give any spoilers. I gave this book a 3 star. I did like the book and its a shame things didn’t happen the way I wanted them to happen, but that is of no fault of the author. Some missing pieces of the book that I would have liked to have seen. I think we could have heard about the journal when Anna read it, while Matt was in the coma. Not later on in the book when she seeks to go on this voyage to find Matts father.

I loved Anna”s character because she goes above and beyond when it comes to friends. I’m not sure why she came to the revelation that Matt needed his father in his life and not another woman. Matt has fallen in love with Anna, but she does not have the same feelings for him. I thought she was going to fix him up with one of her friends, but then was surprised when she went to her ex-boyfriend and proposed this voyage to him. I was surprised he said yes.

This voyage was far fetched and its not very believable that someone would do that for a man she didn’t love. This voyage is life threatening and they don’t know if they will come back. Now if thats not love, I don’t know what is.

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